Cov.Ops announce the next series of vinyl releases

Cov.Ops announce the next series of 12" vinyl releases - 12 tracks from ASC, Mav, Resound, Probe-One and Electrosoul System spread over 4 twelves as part of a subscription series. read »


Make:Shift Recordings is a band of scrappy but loveable go-getters from Toronto, Canada dedicated to putting out good music with integrity, grit, and plenty of attitude. Started by Quasar (aka dj c64) in 2003 as an off-shoot of Gamma Ray Records, the collective has now grown to include Dodz (aka “stretch”), Frankie Gunns (aka “surly”) Dubsta (aka “the blackmarket beer baron”), Torshin (aka “the ladies man”) and Vox (aka “the ball-breaker”). Putting the d.i.y. back into drum’n’bass, our label is a little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll, and a whole lotta sass. press release »

ASC - Open Spaces LP

TestFlight Recordings are proud to announce the release of “ Open Spaces “ by world renowned Drum and Bass DJ/Producer ASC (James Clements). Known for his forward thinking style and club appeal ASC has been a stronghold in the Drum and Bass field for many years and shows no sign of slowing with his second full-length recording.

Consisting of 12 brand new tracks on 1 cd the styles span from downtempo to drum and bass and beyond, building on the success of his first LP on Nu Directions and various 12” releases from such labels as 720 Degrees, Good Looking Recordings, Warm Communications, Offshore and his own Covert Operations Label.

Also featured on the album are the vocals of Jadis (Riana Riggs), who has previously worked with Orion on DJ TeeBee’s Label Subtitles.

01 Half-Life
02 Saturn 5
03 Terminal 2
04 Fever
05 Mind Control
06 What the Future Holds (feat. Jadis)
07 Spirit Waves
08 Out of Reach
09 Storm on the Horizon
10 Tunnel Vision
11 Concrete Wave

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Big Bud @ Ultra Funk

Thanks to Enforcer for providing the setting for the soundtrack to friday night with Ultra Funk, his monthly night at the Dry Bar in London. Arrived a bit late but caught most of J-Laze who had the crowd up and moving, an unknown track with some nice energetic beats and in the zone by aquasky were hi lights for me among the more liquid sounds that were going down well. Big Bud started in a similair style but was soon mixing it up with his more dancehally reggea type vibe tracks and some nice new sound-trax dubs. the male and female mc's at the end over Big Bud were really good, the 2 different voices and styles working well together, but all the mc's that i heard were good so respect to the mc's.

shout to scott element who after buds set had to get back down to bournemouth for 4.30am to dj at the opera house! good to see good lookings rantoul down there, whose concerend fans and family had previously alleged was being held captive by a man only recognisable by his well ironed shirt. rantouls back working on new tracks after taking some time out setting up and tweaking his new studio setup. so no truth in the kidnap allegations, but it sounds like theres some good stuff to come from Rantoul, hopefully somewhere not to far away in the Good Looking release schedule.

Promoter Wesley whos been running the Ultra Funk nights for 11 months bringing in guests each month like blame, big bud and blu mar ten sums up 'The music and quality of mixing from all the dj's enforcer guvna & lase laroque j-laze and big bud was of top quality allnight. Laroque was dropping some wicked tunes mixing it up with top quality then up stepped j-laze who rinsed out some wicked rolling beats with super tight mixing then for the last set of the night and the mighty big bud who was dropping some exclusive stuff from his new album "fear of flying" alongside some up coming release on sound-trax all accompanied by the vocal talent of asher system & ayah who keep the people bubbling till the last drop.

Big respect to all the dj's & mc's for a wicked night of musical quality and to all the headz who represented and enjoyed there night.'

Look out for next months ultra funk, a 1st birthday special with commix blumarten & more, on friday 26th november. Big Buds new album 'Fear Of Flying' is released early next year on Sound-trax.


Take two Estonians, a love of deep beats and deeper atmospherics and you get Nemos, the name behind production duo Margus Sootla and Ulari Niinemagi, and the name they share with there new label. Nemos has its first release out now, a 5 track CD with a Nemos track called Kuues Meel ( Sixth Sense ) alongside 4 remixes from Aural Imbalance, Skeema, Unistav and Joel Tammiku Rööpaline. press release »

Nemos - Kuues Meel (Aural Imbalance Remix)
Nemos - Kuues Meel (Joel Tammiku Unistav Remiks)
Nemos - Kuues Meel
Nemos - Kuues Meel (Joel Tammiku Rööpaline Remiks)
Nemos - Kuues Meel (Skeema Remix)

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ASC - Frequency - Video by Hatsudai

Check this Cov.Ops video by designer Hatsudai in Tokyo. ASC's track Frequency makes it to screen as Hatsudai shows his interpretation of asc's tune in this wicked video. 60mb quicktime, so its going to take a while if your on a modem ... buts its well worth it. quality video that fits so well with the vibe of the track, expect it all over mtv anytime soon ;)

technological groove returns!
it's taken a while, but finally tech groove is back on-line. not quite as i ever envisaged it being, plus theres still a lot of stuff in the pipeline including tech groove radio, full artist and label information and lots of interactive features. Keep checking back as theres plenty of new stuff going to be added over the next few weeks...

tech groove shop
you can now order on-line from the tech groove shop. available exclusively through tech groove is the thought process double cd from covert operations & warm communications, the 2nd release on testflight records by orion. we've also got limited copys of the asc's debut album on nu directions - environments.

we're also stocking releases from the likes of 720, cadence, fokuz, offshore, covert operations, warm communications, paradox music, sound-trax, think recordings and more - with loads more labels and releases on the way …
invisible man
tech groove catches up with the man behind classics such as the bell tune in a rare interview. step forward the invisible man, aka oxford based graham mew. we've also got also got an exclusive unreleased invisible man tune for free download!

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