sorry to say that currently all the audio is down. i've gone from one crap audio host to another recently :( currently looking for a reliable ( and cheap ;) ) alternative - sorry for the delay

Error Occurred While Processing Request

Error Occurred While Processing Request

Error Diagnostic Information

Error resolving parameter HTTP_USER_AGENT

ColdFusion was unable to determine the value of the parameter. This problem is very likely due to the fact that either:

  1. You have misspelled the parameter name, or
  2. You have not specified a QUERY attribute for a CFOUTPUT, CFMAIL, or CFTABLE tag.

The error occurred while evaluating the expression:


The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFIF), occupying document position (16:32) to (16:71) in the template file D:\WEBSERVER\TECH GROOVE\TECHGROOVE.CO.UK\WWW\TG\TRACKS\..\INTERFACE\FOOTER.CFM

The specific sequence of files included or processed is:

Date/Time: 05/07/06 04:28:11
Remote Address:
Template: D:\Webserver\Tech Groove\\www\tg\tracks\tracks.cfm

Please inform the site administrator that this error has occurred (be sure to include the contents of this page in your message to the administrator).